Well, FlutterHeroes is over, and it was my first time speaking in an in-person event. I was somewhat stressed out, but the attendees were fantastic, and the other (more experienced ?) speakers helped me feel comfortable!

Most of my talk content was based on my 100% coverage post series.

100% Coverage - Guillaume Bernos
Discover how to achieve 100% coverage in your Flutter project. Why 100%? Because once you begin to test everything, your codebase cleans itself up. You identify dead code and edge cases quickly, and you end up with fewer bugs!

Here you can find my slides if you want to see them again:


One of the main points I wanted to give people through this talk is that testing can be precious for any size project. It helps your team progress fast by understanding their code and not only copy-pasting the code from documentation.

It's also surprising how fast you can test your code once you begin to do it regularly. In my team, we only spend about 10% of our time testing our code. The hardest metric to get is how many hours of bugs were avoided by writing those tests. I'm pretty sure that testing helped us save time in the long run.

By writing tests, you often find yourself questioning part of your architecture that is not easily testable. It makes for well-separated code and more robust architecture in the long term that might help you reduce your refactoring cost down the road.

What's next

I liked the experience of being a speaker (in person, I already had a small taste of it with FlutterVikings!). The FlutterHeroes organizers were amazing, and I will probably try to participate in more conferences this year!

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